Headphones Waterproof for iPhone Android

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  • Full upgrade noise reduction] :LED three screen smart digital display upgrade CD pattern fingerprint touch magnetic induction storage compartment Magnetic induction storage compartment, no need to press hard,.charging port of the charging storage compartment is exposed, which affects the appearance and easily enters the dust. We use high-cost soft rubber dust plugs that are waterproof and dustproof and make the product more beautiful real waterproof Can be washed directly
  • move link Farewell to the tedious manual start-up.Try the technology experience of the new headset. Binaural CD pattern Fingerprint touch Improved the product many times. Put the product in the fingerprint touch technology bag. Use another side to round the atmospheric CD pattem. Control by one hand Mini charging compartment Very small and full of technology. It is about 10mm smaller than similar models on the market .In order to make the product more beautiful and refined.
  • Quad-core vocalization Find opponents within a thousand yuan HiFi, professional sound quality,Clear Binaural Call Like face-to-face communication Both ears,F9 uses CVC8.0. Intelligent noise reduction technology. Even in a noisy environment, you can devote yourself to music. The call is as clear as an interview.


  • Listen to songs and play games With mobile convenient charging compartment. Put the headset into the cabin to charge automatically. Full will automatically power off, more peace of mind,Al smart battery display Humanized design Know the remaining battery charge in real time. Left and right headset charging progress. Can charge mobile phone Portable charging treasure The large-capacity charging compartment can not only charge the headset. Better battery life.