72 Premium iOS 14 app icons | Black | iPhone app icons

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A premium set of custom icons designed for iOS 14.

72 black app icons.

App list here: 14icons.com/list

Free app requests.

Future updates for free.

Complimentary backgrounds and images for theme shown.

Instant download

Download in .zip format on computer or to iPhone and unzip. (Send them as images to your iPhone)

Instructions to add icons

1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone / iPad

2. Tap on + on the top right to add a new shortcut

3. Tap the + Add Action button in the new shortcut

4. Tap the 'Scripting' option

5. Tap the 'Open App' option

6. Choose the app you want to customise with new icon

7. Tap on the ellipses icon in the blue circle (below 'Next' button)

8. Tap on 'Add to Home Screen' button

9. Add the name of the app and tap the default icon > Choose Photo

10. Choose your icon from the icon pack

11. Tap 'Add' on the top right of your screen

12. Your new app icon will be added to your device.

That's it!

Terms - personal use.